Why Online Giving is the Strongest Business Giving Trend

Online Giving

Anyone who spends even a small bit of time on social media regularly has come across a “Go Fund Me” post. These are usually shared by individuals who are looking for donations to help them through a life event that could be tragic or celebratory. According to the number reported by the organization, it would seem to be a successful business model. Their headline success stories tout campaigns that have raised more than $2 billion dollars for needs like cancer treatment, military veteran’s college tuition, veterinarian bills, and medical devices. Does a model like this work for non-profit organizations? Are business giving trends moving toward the digital world? The numbers don’t lie and data reflects that online fundraising is a hit and here are the reasons why.

Gift Potential

Digital platforms streamline the process of giving. This minimizes the manpower necessary to solicit donations and process them. A typical “A” rated charity is one that puts 80% of donation dollars directly into the programs it sponsors, using 20% for administrative costs. As far back as 2011 Forbes magazine reported that online giving allowed organizations to enhance that ratio to 86% toward missions and 14% for administration.

Potential Market

The online market for dollars is virtually limitless and borderless. Through social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter a charity can reach a potential audience of billions of people worldwide. With a key solicitation going viral, an organization could experience a flurry of interest and a windfall of donations. Reaching so many people through the sharing process of a single post has transformed how businesses give and how non-profits reach the givers.

Easy Access

In the past, non-profits who hoped to land a significant benefactor usually had to make an appointment with a company’s financial officer and deliver their pitch. With digital campaigns that dynamic has changed. It is easy for a non-profit to gain access to key decision makers in big business through social media, blogs, and e-mail. A company’s financial officer could be skimming through social media or new e-mail over a cup of coffee during a break, see an interesting post, make a decision for the company to donate and also share the post with company employees, encouraging them to get on board as well.

Non-Stop Giving

The ability for a company to give is not hindered by the clock. If someone halfway around the world wants to donate to a company on the other side of the planet, the time zone difference no longer matters. Even if the non-profit staff is off the clock, that business can still donate. Online access is a 24/7 feature that allows benefactors to get connected and give whenever it is convenient.

Anonymity Is Control

Although many people experience great pleasure in giving to charities, they often dread the experience of giving through a real, live human. There is always the anticipation of expecting to be pressured to give more or to sign up for this or that. Often a person just wants to hand over their money and move along. They do not want to engage. For businesses that give, time is money. They are busy earning, expanding and hustling. They have already performed their research and made their decisions regarding the gift. They really don’t want to waste time with further discussion. Even if they do have questions or are interested in exploring other options, they would prefer to do it by visiting an organization’s website on their own time without the pressure of another individual involved. This is, perhaps, the key reason why online giving is so popular, anonymity gives the giver complete control.

Connect Your Donation Dollars

To get donation dollars between businesses and charities connected, the best solution is to join a platform that does just that. Networking in such a way does not replace a non-profit’s individual website. It is another platform that serves to expand the audience of potential benefactors. Create an event, post your campaign and get connected with the companies who are interested in your cause.

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