Skip the Non-Compliance Penalties and Raise More Money

Fundraising – the sky is the limit! With new ideas and viewpoints coming to light every single day, it does seem as though the possibilities are endless.  Technology and expertise combined with compliance to fundraising regulations have the ability to propel an organization beyond what they could ever imagine.

However, what risk comes with expanding into unknown fundraising territory? Growing demand for services and funds has fundraising professionals turning to new ways to develop donor relationships and new ways to increase funds. In order to successfully take your nonprofit to the next level, it’s important to pay close attention to requirements and restrictions.

So, what exactly are the risks of non-compliance?

  • States have cracked down on enforcing regulations on charities and have started to further pursue non-compliant organizations.
  • Without registering, soliciting may cause your organization to incur penalties that pull dollars away from your organization’s mission and may result in your organization to lose the right to solicit at all.
  • Fundraising without being registered may result in a negative impact on your reputation and trust built with funders and donors.

What are some best practices to make sure you’re staying in compliance and avoiding penalties?

  • Research: Know your fundraising status in each state. This will make it much easier to map out your compliance path, including which applications that need to be completed before starting to fundraise.
  • Apply: Each state has its own processes that you will need to go through in order to achieve the appropriate status.  Make sure you are filling out the proper forms and have the proper timeline in order to streamline achieving your status!
  • Track: Make sure you are checking up on the status of your applications throughout the process! In addition, make sure you are checking in and planning for application renewal if necessary so you are well prepared for any fees and paperwork when the time comes.
  • Renew: Along with tracking, make sure you follow through on the renewal process for necessary items in order to stay in compliance.

Staying compliant has its rewards, and will allow for much less stressful fundraising in the long run. Make it easier on yourself and allow your organization to fundraise without limitations!

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