Non-profits and Technology : A Recipe for Success

Sitting in an auction house with your numbered paddle, giving a competitive bidder sidelong glances, sounds thrilling as you try to win your prize. However, if the purpose of the auction is to raise funds for charity, by having a traditional auction, much is lost in this age-old practice. That is why nonprofits and technology are coming together to transform charitable giving into a model that maximizes the giving potential of donation dollars. If you are responsible for putting charitable funds to use, such accountability means always looking for the best way to minimize cost and maximize donation dollars for their original charitable purpose. If you are responsible for deciding the best place for business contributions, you, too, are concerned with finding the most efficient charity auction model. In addition to saving money, here are four more reasons to use an online auction site:

Audience Expansion

Traditional auctions are limited to a local audience. By going online, a charity is able to communicate to billions of people worldwide that they have an opportunity to obtain something they desire while engaging in philanthropy at the same time. The digital communication factor expands an auction’s reach from a local municipality to the entire globe.

Streamlining Saves Time

In the world of finance, charity and business, time is money. An online auction streamlines the charitable process in so many ways. The savings is enjoyed not only by a charity that is able to minimize overhead but also by the giver. An online auction does not require travel time. Wherever a benefactor is in the world, they can participate in donating or bidding. This saves valuable time so that donors and bidders can continue in their own personal endeavors of earning the income that makes their charity possible.

Charitable organizations also save the valuable time involved in scheduling appointments with potential donors. By connecting online, the pool of prospective donors is virtually limitless because time no longer restricts how many donors an organization can reach.


Online auction models create the greatest efficiency in the relationship between giver and charitable organization. This is a win/win situation. Successful businesses know that they thrive because of efficiency. The same can be said of charitable organizations. By having everyone involved linked together in one place in a cyber community designed for that purpose, greater philanthropic engagement is encouraged.


An on-line auction is a venue where virtually anything goes. A charity is not limited by space as to the items they auction. A charitable organization has no need for special storage space for fine wines or secure vaults to store fine art or valuable memorabilia. Even luxury goods manufacturers, such as Dior, are aligning with online charitable auctions. Everything imaginable within the limits of the law can be donated and auctioned.

Getting Started

The first step to getting started, whether you are a philanthropic-minded giver or charitable organization, is to register online with the right service. For each the habit of charitable acts becomes easy, only involving a four step process:

  • Donating Businesses
  1. Register.
  2. List donations.
  3. Match with a charity.
  4. Download reports on activity.
  • Non-Profit Charity
  1. Register.
  2. Specify donations you are interested in.
  3. Match with businesses by accepting donations.
  4. Download reports on activity.


Local communities are thriving by taking advantage of this model. There are so many options available to meet needs. Auctions can be silent or live. Participants can upgrade their service to enjoy options that make the process even easier. For highly active business accounts, there is even the benefit of tax documents and reporting as part of your account service.

If you love the idea of helping others and crave the simplicity of doing so with just the click of a button, register today. Your business can be enriching communities right away. Your charitable organization can be connected with eager benefactors within minutes.

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