The Art of Surveys

The Art of Surveys

Procuring auction items can be one of the most grueling and difficult tasks. How many items should you get? What types of items do our bidders want to see? What raised the most money last year? Well, thankfully, there’s a tool to help with at least one of those things! When considering what types of items and packages to offer your bidders, the easiest way to find out what they want to see is to ask them directly through something like a survey.

Surveys are often overlooked but can be a very useful tool when considering what types of items to spend your time procuring and ruling out those that may not be worth your time.

There are some free tools such as Survey Monkey and Google Forms that can get the job done fairly easily!

If you use a mobile bidding platform, it may be worthwhile to go back into your reporting and see which items raised the most money, which items got bid on the most, and which items went with very little to no bids.  You can ask questions about those items to see what the bidders liked or didn’t like about the packages you offered in your auction and use this to your advantage.

Since your target market is probably fairly similar to the patrons from your last auction event, what better group to send your survey to? We think one of the most seamless ways to do this is to combine it with an event feedback survey that’s sent shortly following your event.  This way, you can also get information on how your event went and the patrons appreciate that.

When putting together your survey, it’s important to be careful of how many questions you include.  If you have a larger guest list each year, it may be beneficial to create multiple surveys asking different questions and sending a version out to a random sample of your guests until each version has been sent out. A good rule of thumb is to make sure that your survey takes no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

Getting the results from these surveys can be a great way to target which items you spend time procuring for your next auction event to ensure your items are a great fit for your patrons.

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