Top 10 Auction Items

The success of your charity fundraiser hinges in great part upon the items that you feature in your charity auction. You must know your audience and assemble a collection of items that will be irresistible to bidders. By choosing a desirable compilation of merchandise, travel packages, and special event tickets for your auction, you can maximize the amount of money that the auction generates. Below are 10 excellent auction items to consider for your next charity fundraising event.

1) Private wine tasting events. Wine tasting events typically include an offering of premium wines, hors d’oeuvres, and decorated glasses for a small group of people. Events also may feature an educational crash course by a local wine aficionado. In many cases, the event can be personalized to meet the specific tastes of the highest bidder.

2) A week at a luxury vacation home. Owners of luxury rental properties and vacation homes frequently offer their accommodations to charity fundraisers. Popular packages include airfare and a six to seven night stay at a fully furnished beachfront property.

3) Spa treatment packages. Winning an all-expense paid day at the spa with unlimited opportunities for massage treatments, facials, and manicures are a great addition to your auction item list. Some spa packages also include a shampoo, blow-dry and custom makeover to entice bidders who wish to be pampered.

4) Long weekend get-aways. Cruises and short trips to all-inclusive resorts always attract bidders at charity auctions. The short timeframes are increasingly popular among people whose jobs or family responsibilities prevent them from being gone for an entire week.

5) Signed sports memorabilia. Autographed photos of top NFL quarterbacks, NBA superstars, Master’s champions and jockeys aboard the winning Kentucky Derby champion are great ideas. Signed basketballs and footballs are also popular among participants, especially if you live in a sports-dominated state.

6) Customized gift baskets. Local businesses are often eager to get their newest products into the hands of consumers. Popular basket themes include a collection of gourmet coffees from your local coffee shop, samples of the latest organic products from your neighborhood health store, or a collection of the newest skin care products.

7) Theme park packages. It is wise to include at least a few items that appeal to parents with children. Customized packages that include airfare, hotel accommodations and theme park tickets for four people are well-received by families. Some packages also include meals and entertainment.

8) Complimentary gym membership packages. Americans are increasingly focused on fitness and weight loss, making 6-month and 12-month gym membership packages a hit at many auctions. Gym membership packages may also include complimentary sessions with a personal trainer.

9) A romantic night on the town for two. Night on the town packages typically include dinner at a local restaurant followed by movie or theater tickets. Some packages also include transportation by a local limousine provider.

10) Pet care packages. With over one-third of all households in the U.S. owning a dog or a cat, pet care packages are a great addition to your list of auction items. Packages may feature a collection of gourmet treats and include complimentary pet sitting services, free grooming, or lessons with a local trainer.


Enlisting the Support of an Expert in the Auction Fundraising Industry

The best way to finalize your list of auction items for your next charity event is to seek the input of a seasoned fundraising expert.

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